Striping services

Parking Lots

First Impressions of any commercial facility starts in the Parking Lot!

Let Ashley & Company help you make the very best impression.

Successful property managers have long recognized that shoppers, guests, and tenants begin making judgement the moment they set foot in your parking lot or garage. A clean, well-maintained parking area sends a message to your customers about the kind of service you provide.

Parking Lot Maintenance

  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Washing and Cleaning
  • Pick up debris, including leaves and trash
  • General Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance

  • Are your customers or staff walking into a dark parking lot?
  • Has daylight savings got you paying to light a parking lot that is already filled with sunshine? Or are your lights going off while there is no sunshine?
  • Are you keeping up with the light bulb changes for your parking lot lights?

Our commercial Lighting Maintenance can keep your parking lot up and running. We will make sure your parking lot lighting system is correctly programmed on a timer.

Let Ashley & Company help with parking lot sweeping, pressure washing, parking lot striping, and general repairs.

Our services include parking lot striping, parking lot sweeping, power washing, porter services, asphalt patching / repair, concrete maintenance, sealcoating, crack sealing and pavement marking.